Movie Gossip: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Movie Trailer

The Mortal Instruments

City of Bones

The Movie


Clary Fray (Lily Collins) is an ordinary Brooklyn teenager until the night she meets the mysteriously tattooed Jace, who turns out to be a half-angel warrior known as a Shadowhunter. When Clary finds out her mother Jocelyn has been abducted, she desperately hopes Jace will be able to help. After a whirling golden portal transports her across time and space in a heartbeat, Clary realizes she too has the powers of the Shadowhunters. But can she harness them in time to save her mother?

Clary, Jace and their fellow Shadowhunters endure one breathtaking battle after another against vampire, warlocks and demons—only to discover Jocelyn hid a terrible secret from the fiercest warrior of all: Valentine. Cast out from the world of Shadowhunters, Valentine abducted Jocelyn believing she had a powerful tool known as the Mortal Cup. Using her newfound gifts, Clary finds the Cup, only to be brutally betrayed and forced to relinquish it.

Still reeling from this setback and racing to save Jocelyn before it’s too late, Clary finds herself caught in a battle between forces she barely understands. Based on the best-selling series by Cassandra Clare, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is a magnificent urban fantasy rich in detail and suspense, about a girl’s journey to the darkest corners of the underworld to save those she loves.

Tonight MTV released the exclusive movie trailer for the first movie in The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare called City of Bones. When I first read City of Bones I was on a plane ride to Nashville Tennessee, and I remember it like it was yesterday. From the moment I opened the first page of the HUGE book I was mesmerized and completely swept away in the beautifully magically story of the Shadowhunters. It’s been three years since that plane ride and to say I’m obsessed with Cassandra Clare’s two series would be an understatement. If you haven’t had the chance to get swept away in these breathtaking stories, then you must read The Mortal Instruments series and (my favorite) the prequel The Infernal Devices. You have until the release date of City of Bones August 23, 2013.

Please click below to watch the exhilarating & magical trailer.



What do you think of the trailer?? Are you as excited as I am for the movie? I’d love to hear your thoughts. ♥♥

Miss Vain

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9 Responses to Movie Gossip: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Movie Trailer

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  2. Okay, I’m not sure what to expect from the movie. I loved the series, then I didn’t love it so much.. then I started it again and now I’m waiting on City of Lost Souls… and the Infernal Devices books were absolutely amazing!
    I’m a little worried that they’ll ruin the story with the movie but I really like the trailer… Thanks for sharing!

  3. Krista says:

    That is one kick-ass movie poster!

  4. I can’t wait! It looks action packed :)

  5. I just read City of Bones for the first time. Loved it!! I’m really eager to see it unfold on the BIG screen. Not sure I like the choice of actor for Jace but I’m willing to overlook it. LOL. The poster and movie trailer are fantastic. :)

  6. Braine says:

    The next Twilight…

    Is it just my android or does your meme look like you gave birth to yourself? LOL

  7. Margaret says:

    i didn’t read the seies, but it sounds interesing. the cover of the movie, look a lot like the one for The 10th Kingdom.

  8. Ashley says:

    i love the series i’ve read all the books and am waiting for the 6th book city of heavenly fire but i have a feeling the movie is’nt going to be as good as the book for one i dont really like how Lily Collins acts and Jamie Campbell Bower doesnt look like Jace to me but im still going to watch the movie and hope its amazing as the book

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