Enter to Win Tickets to Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Part 2 World Premiere Sweepstakes

How many of you are looking forward to the upcoming finale to the Twilight Saga as much as I am? Well in the summer of 2008 I was riding the elliptical machine next to my friend at the gym. She had a large book she was reading and I was curious and she said “OMG I’m flying through these books, you MUST read them, it’s a series called Twilight, and the first movie is being released in a couple months and I’m excited.” Okay so she peaked my interest and so I asked her what they were about…..she then began to explain a relationship in which a human teenage girl was falling in love with *gasp* a vampire. “I said hold up, nah that sounds weird, yeah that’s not my style at all.” Needless to say I left the gym that hot summer night in 2008 and I couldn’t get Bella and Edward out of my head. My friend had painted quite a colorful picture in my mind. I went to Barnes & Noble on my way home from the gym, began reading Twilight and didn’t sleep until I finished late that night, the next day on the way to the gym, I purchased New Moon and from that day on no matter how many years later I still have a soft spot for these fictional characters and each installment I eagerly anticipate the next movie, and although it’s necessary I’ll be sad to see the last movie.

So when I heard of this sweepstakes Fandango is holding I thought what better way to say goodbye to such an ageless worldwide Saga than to go to the premiere! Fandango is sending the winner of this sweepstakes and a friend on an all expense paid trip to the movie premiere in Los Angeles, California. Please click the picture below to enter into this fantastic sweepstakes. Good luck!! You just might be the lucky winner!



1 Grand Prize Winner Will Receive:

•  Round-trip airfare for 2 to Los Angeles
•  2-nights hotel stay in Los Angeles
•  2 tickets to the world premiere of The Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn Part 2
•  Car rental

Contest ends at 11:59 on October 1st 2012

Please feel free to share your first initial Twilight experience below with me. Good Luck!

Miss Vain

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9 Responses to Enter to Win Tickets to Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Part 2 World Premiere Sweepstakes

  1. Janiera says:

    Thanks for posting! I would die if I won this!

  2. I was the same way at first. I had never even heard of Twilight until the first movie and I swore I’d never watch it. Then I got forced to go on a double date to see it and was instantly hooked. I read all four books a week within the next week. I’m sad to see it go too but I’m looking forward to all of the new ones coming out soon (uhm, CITY OF BONES!!!) so all will be well in the young adult book to movie world. :D

    Thanks for posting! I’m not going to enter cause I’d have no one to watch the kids, but I wish the very best of luck to you both! <3

  3. Viari Rose says:

    Oh wow, I would die if I won, that would be the most perfect way to end the Saga. I remember looking at a Michael’s ad with the Edward/Bella poster, when I said out loud must be a movie. I wasn’t heavily into reading then. I was given the books that Christmas (in 2008) I read all four books in three days and went to see the movie.

  4. cindyg says:

    I hadn’t read a book in years…then a friend introduced me to the Twilight saga and it was all over…now I have collected hundreds of PNR and UF books…my husband and son think I’m crazy…maybe I am…I just can’t seem to stop buying and reading all these wonderful series…

  5. Kathleen Anderson says:

    I was always a fan of paranormal fiction thanks to my mother. When I first heard about the Twilight books I ignored them, but after several people told me to read them I did. I was HOOKED! I read them all 10 times, yes….really, before the movies even came out. I got all my family and friends, even those that don’t normally read and my boss, reading them! We all went to the midnight showing of Twilight when it came out! As we have for each movie since and plan to do so again in November! If I win this I will be so thrilled I’ll probably pee my pants!

  6. Renota Johns says:

    I ‘m thinking of what to say, it been my hearts desire to meet Robert Pattinson, since 2008.My husband promise me that he would take me to the premeire of Breaking Dawn Part 2/ But he passed away Dec 9, 2011. Now the anniversary of his death is coming and I would like to remember him somewhere special. He serve in the army and worked all his life. Just when he could retire and enjoy life, his life is gone. I want to go to California and carry him with me in spirit.

  7. This series began my PNR/UF addiction :)

  8. Kara says:

    I would be sooooooo happy if i won this! i really hope i do win!

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