Dirty Little Secret #15

Dirty Little Secret is a weekly meme hosted by Under The Covers. Every Thursday we get to know other bloggers and our readers more intimately by asking them a question hoping to reveal their dirty little secrets.

Please join in the fun!♥

“What quote or picture would you get tattooed from a book and where would you get it?”



I would get tatts like Chess from Downside Ghost has!! They’re badass and so sexy!


What about you? What quote or picture would you get tattooed from a book on your body?


Now that I have shared my Dirty Little Secret with you. What’s your Dirty Little Secret?? Shhhhh…I won’t tell……♥

Miss Vain

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10 Responses to Dirty Little Secret #15

  1. That’s an awesome choice! I don’t think I could ever consider that much ink but they do look hot on other people.

  2. Krista says:

    I would be more than willing to let Barrons brand me :D

  3. Kathleen Anders says:

    I would get Kellan Kyle’s guitar on my right shoulder or hip! Love SC Stephens series Thoughtless, Effortless and can’t wait for the 3rd one later this year! My friends and I are going to the meet and great in Chicago on Sept 29th!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I love Chess’s tattoos! That would be perfect for you.

  5. Stephanie says:

    My sister has the Harry Potter quote “The ones we love never truly leave us” (I don’t know if those are the exact words, but you get the idea). I love the Chessie idea, but couldn’t do that much ink!

  6. Vix (TToria) says:

    Ooo I haven’t read this book. Will check it out.
    I agree, that tat would be pretty epic … and sore, haha.
    Fab choice :-)

    Vix @ ttoria.blogspot.com

  7. Braine says:

    I love Chess’ tats although personally I don’t think I’ll get one in that area cos of my fleshy arms, unless I want to look like a thug. LOL

  8. cindyg says:

    I have to go with Riley, from Elle Jasper’s Dark Ink Chronicles…
    I love her tats…

  9. suzanne says:

    ! have ink artist ” Johnny Nobody” ( he is on the web, with a good rep.) who would do the shower scene from Psycho on my back in grays and black, just like the movie. You know Hitckock was told them to cut the scene do to nudity, he said screw you and left it in.

  10. Neyra says:

    O.O Does she have her whole sleeve Miss V?? (haven’t read the series yet, though I have the books >.< LOL) Anyways, if that's so, then I'd definitely get the same ones. So badass.. *sigh* I can't wait to get my Gideon Cross, Torin, Strider, Paris, Lucien, Shade, Wraith, Zarek, Zacharel, Acheron inspired tattoos xD LOL :p


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