Gunmetal Magic Blog Tour Top Five & Giveaway

I’m excited to host my part of the Gunmetal Magic Blog Tour!!! This tour is in celebration of the release of the highly anticipated Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews Publishing by ACE Fantasy for Penguin on July 31, 2012. When I first met Kate & Curran in Magic Bites I became a bit obsessed with them, but now after reading Gunmetal Magic, I’ve Andrea & Raphael to my obsession list as well. If you have yet to read this series I suggest you do before you are seriously missing out on sexy Urban Fantasy.

Please click the Gunmetal Magic cover below to read my 5 star review! It was incredible.


Gordon and Ilona has spoiled us tremendously by sharing their Five top Kate Daniels moments with us, and I’m excited to share one of their favorites with all of you exclusively!


Top Five Moments of Kate Daniels Series

The world has suffered a magic apocalypse. We pushed the technological progress too far, and now magic returned with a vengeance. It comes in waves, without warning, and vanishes as suddenly as it appears. When magic is up, planes drop out of the sky, cars stall, electricity dies. When magic is down, guns work and spells fail.

It’s a volatile, screwed-up world. Magic feeds on technology, gnawing down on skyscrappers until most of them topple and fall, leaving only skeletal husks behind. Monsters prowl the ruined streets, werebears and werehyenas stalk their prey; and the Masters of the Dead, necromancers driven by their thirst of knowledge and wealth, pilot blood-crazed vampires with their minds.
In this world lives Kate Daniels. Kate likes her sword a little too much and has a hard time controlling her mouth. The magic in her blood makes her a target, and she spent most of her life hiding in plain sight.  But sometimes even trained killers make friends and fall in love, and when the universe tries to kick them in the face, they kick back.

Every author has favorite moments in their series.  Gordon and I have many.  We’re easily bored, so we try to make each other laugh or go “Oooooh” at least once per scene.  The idea is to cram as much gratuitous coolness into every chapter as humanly possible.  

Sometimes we come up with awesome moments, and sometimes it’s kind of wince-inducing.  We both had times when we’d ask each other, “Hey, this is what I’ve got.  I need something funny here.”  Sometimes the response is great and sometimes we just end up rolling our eyes and scrapping the dialogue.

With that in mind, here are some of our top favorite moments and how we came up with them. We will be posting one special moment on 5 different blogs, so stay tuned….

Gordon and Ilona

Gordon, Moment #4: Curran in a cage (Magic Strikes)

Kate traps Curran in the cage and he must negotiate with Julie to get out.   He can’t order Julie to release him, so he has to step outside himself.  He is so used to telling people what to do and being obeyed and here is this child.  Even if Curran could grab her through the bars of the cage, he wouldn’t.  Violence or fear is out of the question – it would go against his code of ethics, so he must sit there and calmly reason with Julie, while seething inside.

“Screw you, I am not a child and you are not the boss of me.  Kate said you broke into her house and stole things.”
I crossed my arms on my chest.  The last thing I wanted to do is to explain the mating rituals to a human girl.  ”I am the Beast Lord, not a thief or burglar.”
“You took a pie.  Why would you do that?  Don’t you have whatever, servants, who cook for you? Kate doesn’t have a lot of money, why would you steal her food?”
“That is adult business; I will not explain myself to a child.”
“It was an asshole thing to do.”
I choked back a snarl.  “Little girl, I am not going to warn you again, do not speak to me like that again…”
“Or what?”
She had me there.  As pissed off as I was, there were lines I would not cross. I would not harm a child.  Ever.
I had to take a deep breath and step away from the ledge.  Persuade her.  Be reasonable.  I could do reasonable.
“Look, Julie, I am trying to be a nice guy.  I’ve asked you nicely to release me.  I could break out of here, but you would not like that, I promise you.  That would be scary and loud, and nobody wants that sort of thing. This is the last time I am going to ask you.  Please free me before I do get angry and do something we will both regret.”
“You’re doing it right now.  I’m not stupid.  I know you are mad and I know that if I let you out you’ll hurt me and try to make me tell you where Kate is.”
“No.  I don’t hurt little human kittens.  Never have and never will.  I give you my word.”

Ilona: Moment #4: Cat in a cage (Magic Strikes)

I remember writing this and laughing.  Boudas might be my favorite shapeshifter tribe and their mating rituals are too funny. Of course, Raphael had to try to outdo his dad.  Wait until you read about Andrea and Raphael in Gunmetal Magic.  Stuff  they do to each other would surely go into Bouda Clan’s legends.
I couldn’t resist.  ”What do boudas do?”
“We try to be funny.”  His eyes sparkled.  ”My mom had to go out of town and while she was gone, my dad glued all of her furniture to the ceiling.”
I pictured Aunt B walking into her house and finding all of her furniture upside down on the ceiling.  Oh God.  I couldn’t help from grinning.   “What did you mom think about that?”
“She was pissed about the cat.”
I stared at him.  ”Your dad…?”
“Oh no.”  Raphael shook his head.  ”No, he didn’t glue the cat to the ceiling – that would be cruel.  But she had this wire-cage cat carrier, and he glued that to the ceiling and stuffed the cat into it.”
I saw where it was going and but it was too good to interrupt and I tried to hold the laughter in.
“The cat got pissed off and peed all over the place, and because the carrier was upside down, it went straight through the bars.  The ceiling fan was on at the time, and the draft made the pee into a sort of mist…”
I lost it and doubled over.
Raphael was grinning.  ”He tried to clean it up, but it got all over the carpet.  It was a slight miscalculation on my dad’s part.  He wasn’t a cat person, you see.”
“That’s hard to beat,” I finally managed.

Penguin has so kindly provided a copy of Gunmetal Magic for one lucky USA winner. To my INT followers next week I have a special giveaway planned.:)

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Good Luck and Thank you for entering!♥


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Miss Vain

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54 Responses to Gunmetal Magic Blog Tour Top Five & Giveaway

  1. Cathy/greytfriend says:

    I’m really looking forward to reading this book. Thanks for participating in the blo tour with everything that’s going on in your lives, Gordon and Ilona. And for hosting it as well, Miss Vain.

  2. Thanks so much for the chance to win!!! Great post!!! I am a HUGE fan of Ilona Andrews and especially of this series. It is one of my favorite rereads!!! I can’t wait to read Gunmetal Magic. One of my favorite moments has to be the hot tub scene. ;) Thanks again and have a great day!!

  3. Naomi H says:

    Great stop on the tour Miss Vain!! Ilona and Gordan have given great moments, I’m sitting here picturing what comes next, and chuckling to myself!!

    Love It!!

  4. Jamie says:

    My favorite moment is in Magic Bleeds when Curren is injured and his Pack tries to fight Kate and give her a very difficult time while she attempts to stay by his sick bed. Then Kate lays it all out to Mahon and I was literally cheering for her to kick his ass.

    “I surveyed the rest of the Council and looked directly at Mahon. “Some of you know me. Some of you have seen me fight and some of you are my friends. Have your vote. But know this: if you come to remove me, come in force, because if you try to separate me from him, I will kill every single one of you. My hand won’t shake. My aim won’t falter. My face will be the last thing you‟ll see before you die.”

    I jammed the knife into the table and walked out.”

  5. Cat in a Cage was my favorite!! Thanks for the great giveaway! :D

  6. Michelle Bledsoe says:

    My favorite is still Saiman showing Kate the video of Curran destroying his shipment of cars. I love that Saiman put music to it..
    Looking forward to reading Gunmetal Magic. Ilona and Andrew, you guys rock.

  7. jbon says:

    My favorite Kate moment is when Kate meets Curran and says, “Here Kitty, Kitty”….loved it!!!

  8. Monica says:

    My favorite moment is in the first book, when Kate is to meet Curran and senses him lurking in the shadows. She disrespectfully calls out “Here Kitty, Kitty.”

  9. Yadira A. says:

    I don’t have a favorite Kate Daniels moment because I haven’t read the series yet, but I am definitely more intrigued now… thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Vivian says:

    I was rereading Curran’s POV Vol 1 last night and came across this nifty moment that I just ADORED .

    She actually thanked me. This was going well. I had half expected her to throw the soup at me.
    Kate grabbed the spoon and went at it. That’s right, eat it.
    “Did you get the surveys? They were…”
    “On the dresser. Shut up and eat your soup.”
    I pulled up Doolittle’s chair and watched her while she ate. This was nice, we were together and so far had not tried to kill each other. Maybe if I could just keep her quiet… Maybe if I kept feeding her.
    “So that’s the secret.”
    She looked slightly shocked. No witty comeback. Maybe I scared her. Naw not the ass-kicker.
    “You okay? Gone a bit pale there.”
    “Secret to what?”
    “Secret to shutting you up.” I smiled. “All I have to do is beat you till you half dead, then give you chicken soup and blessed silence.”

    The chemistry and connection between Kate and Curran is witty, awesome, and phenomenal. Ilona and Gordon did an incredible mind- blowing job on showcasing their relationship. I can’t wait for Andrea and Raphael’s turn! Thanks for the hosting the giveaway!

  11. Carin W says:

    I don;t know that you can beat a cat carrier glued to the ceiling and a ceiling fan LOL! Carin

  12. angel_grace says:

    There are so many special moments in this series – most of these in the blog tour are focusing on the funny side, but there is one moment where Curran cuts through the bs and lays himself on the line in the aftermath of a huge misunderstanding:

    “I miss you.” He dipped his head and looked into my eyes. “I worry about you. I worry something stupid will happen and I won’t be there and you’ll be gone. I worry we won’t ever get a chance and it’s driving me out of my skull.”

    Mad gold eyes stared into mine. “Do you miss me, Kate?”

    Up to this point in the series they’ve been dancing around each other the whole time. From this point forward, everything came into focus for them as a couple and the dynamic of the story changed – not that everything was smooth sailing for them but they became a package deal and it was the beginning of Kate realizing she was no longer alone, that the option to cut and run as she’d been trained was no longer a choice she would make.

    The bond these two developed is the most amazing thing I’ve seen and I absolutely adore Ilona & Gordon for creating this world and these characters. There are all kinds of funny / serious / scary / sad / beautiful / action-packed / emotional moments in this series and it all comes together so wonderfully. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    • Vivian says:

      OMG… my heart just melted. lol.

      That was very well said. I’m so amazed at the level of writing from Ilona and Gordon. Every time I finish a Kate Daniels novel, I think ‘no way can they top this.’ But they continue to wow and astound their readers. I absolutely adore Kate and Curran as much as the authors themselves. I hope this series continues to exceed our expectations.

  13. Thank you for the opportunity. :)

  14. Kate says:

    I have two favorites: 1 (like Jamie above) – when Kate confronts the Pack Council about removing her from Curran’s side in Magic Bleeds. Total kick a$$; and 2 – in Magic Slays when during a quiet moment Curran starts telling Kate about all of his safe houses and that they can take Julie and run if she doesn’t want to confront Roland. I think this is the moment that Kate really believes that Curran loves her, even above the Pack.

  15. Jill DeBellis says:

    I have to wait to get my copy of Gunmetal Magic. My husband only gets paid once a month and he just got paid. I have reread all of the books and I keep going back for more fun. I laugh out loud and my kids are like, “what are you laughing at”. Oh, it is your book. I loved the cat in the cage but I also liked the POV with Curran and Julie.

  16. Anne says:

    There’s so many. Perhaps when Curran thinks she’s talking about Saiman’s naked bits when she’s referring to his lab (not sure which book, 3 or 4). Could be when she mentions being in the middle of rough sex with Jim.

  17. Wanted to enter, but can’t find your RSS feed. I’m not on the other link feed thingie. Can I follow you on GR?

  18. Pam B says:

    I love all the moments. When Curran was wooing Kate, there were lots of moments

  19. BeachHouseWrite says:

    There are to many favorite moments in the series for me to pick five … How could they pick just five?

  20. Justine says:

    Well, my favprite one is also when Curran was in cage. I loved it whan Julie said that it’s cruel that he stole a pie from Kate though she is poor.

  21. Liz S says:

    I love the scene when Curran chases Kate home looking for Saiman and throws her bed around. When he asks why Saiman, she says because he has the best equipment in town. (meaning lab equipment) Curran doesn’t like that at all!

    Gunmetal Magic is awesome too!

  22. Shoshana says:

    I love when Kate pranked Curran with the weights.

  23. April V. says:

    I think one of my favorite moments is after Kate and Andrea start out their own agency and are discussing the storage of dead bodies. It cracks me up like they are discussing buying good green peppers or something.

  24. Jim Huffman says:

    The moment where Curran goes through Era’s Blood ward and rescues Kate. The whole aftermath.

  25. Pamk says:

    The here Kitty Kitty had me rolling on the floor. I love that she doesn’t take any crape from Curran. Also love the council scene.

  26. Sandyg265 says:

    I’m looking foward to reading this book.

  27. Shadow says:

    My favorite scenes are when Kate and Curran are pranking each other, Kate welds the doorknob shut to the “mistress bedroom” and all his gym equipment.

  28. Cathy M says:

    That Curren scene in Magic Bleeds is my ultimate favorite. I let out a whoop reading it.

  29. Jenny says:

    There are way too many moments of Kate & Curran to pick just one! One that has not been mentioned is Curran sheilds Kate from the water mage controlled by Erra and makes her say please before he will throw her.

  30. I haven’t had the chance to read anything about Kate Daniels but I would definitely do it now… :) Too bad the giveaway is not INL, can’t wait to see what you have planned for us…

    PS: Hey you mentioned Edelweiss, in you comment on my WOW post and I was wondering if you can explain what it is or maybe give me a link?… Thanks!

  31. so I haven’t read this yet, can u believe it lol? but those moments are hilarious! I can already tell these are going to be full of fun and sexiness!

  32. Kate says:

    I love the “titled POV Kate-Curran Moments”! I can’t wait for Magic Strikes!

  33. munchkin says:

    I can’t wait to read more about Andrea and Kate is such a great character with snarky humor !

  34. Suz Reads says:

    I don’t have a favorite moment because I haven’t read the series yet but after reading this post, I can’t wait to start! Thanks for this amazing giveaway – I would love to win!

  35. Michelle Long says:

    I have way too many favorite scenes to name. I love all of the ones featured on the tour so far and I especially love the hot tub scene.

  36. Stephanie M says:

    I absolutely love these different scenes. They remind me of why this series is one of my favorites.

  37. Tiffany says:

    Those are both great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. Lesley D says:

    I love the part in Magic Bleeds when Kate and Erra have tea!

  39. Joanne Careri says:

    My favorite moment was Curran’s POV novella. When he was really angry at his people for their harsh treatment of Kate while he was sick and unconscious.

  40. Carey says:

    My favorite is the “here, kitty, kitty” scene in book one. I still get a chuckle at that one.

  41. Barbara Elness says:

    I haven’t had a chance to start the Kate Daniels series yet, but I really liked the 1st moment I read about in this Blog Tour – the “Here Kitty, Kitty” scene.

  42. Unfortunately, I haven’t read this series yet. I look forward to it though. THanks!

  43. Heather says:

    there are lots of great moments in all their books. I think one of my favorite is the hot tub seen from Curran’s point of view. Gordon may say he cannot do good love sense but that one is certainly memoriable. – And Great!

  44. whitewolfreads says:

    My favorite moment is definitely the “Here kitty, kitty” scene. It was absolutely hilarious! Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. “Here Kitty Kitty” Is my fave moment.

  46. I would say my favorite moment was when Kate and Crew battled in the coliseum against Curran’s wishes.

  47. Wow, hoe have I not yet started this series. Love the shared moments. Definitely, my next series to start!

  48. April Hays says:

    I don’t have a favorite Kate Daniels moment because I haven’t read this series yet. But I love finding something new to read :) Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

  49. Dee Feagin says:

    I have read or listened to all of the Kate Daniels books. I truly cannot pick just one scene that is my favorite; I just know that when I finish one book, I’m ready for the next one and I hope this series goes on for a long, long time.

  50. April says:

    I loved all of the Kate Daniels Series but one of my absolute favorites is the one when Curran is really sick and Kate has to stand up and earn the packs’ respect so she can stay by his side as his mate. She challenges this one alpha after walking into an alpha meeting and kills him in like two seconds with just a small knife. Then, she grabs a knife, sticks it into the table, says a few words and walks out. It was pure awesomeness.

  51. Layken says:

    Yay! Great moment! Loved your review. :-)

  52. Sandy Lion says:

    This is an excellent giveaway! I love the Curan POV novella and the hot-tub scene is the best as well. So many excellent momments to choose from. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

  53. Kitty says:

    The hot tub scene is just yummy. Well, no. All of the scenes are yummy :) Love the depth of the characters and the complexity of the stories. One of the few series that haven’t fizzled after book three.

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