Waiting on Wednesday #25

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Last Kiss Goodnight

(Otherworld Assassin #1)

The breathtaking first novel in New York Times best selling author Gena Showalter’s new paranormal romance series, Otherworld Assassins, featuring a black ops agent who is captured and enslaved…and the beautiful deaf girl who holds the key to his salvation…

The Sweetest Temptation…… 

Black ops agent Solomon Judah awakens caged and bound in a twisted zoo where otherworlders are the main attraction. Vika Lukas, the owner’s daughter, is tasked with Solo’s care and feeding. The monster inside him yearns to kill her on sight, even though she holds the key to his escape. But the human side of him realizes the beautiful deaf girl is more than she seems—she’s his.

The Ultimate Price…… 

Vika endures the captives’ taunts and loathing, hoping to keep them alive even if she can’t free them. Only, Solo is different—he protects her. But as hostility turns to forbidden romance, his feelings for her will be used against him…and he’ll be put to a killer test.

December 26, 2012

I’m just excited to read Last Kiss Goodnight because the synopsis sounds incredibly unique and I’m fascinated by it. The idea of a zoo of otherworlders with a love story involved has me intrigued. The beautiful cover with the red slinky dress and a caged shirtless man is simply breathtaking. I want to read it now! ;)

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Please stop by, say hi, and leave your WoW links so I can visit yours as well. I’d love to see what all of you are waiting for. If you’re not a blogger but you’re a reader of mine please stop by and tell me which book you’re anxiously waiting to get your hands on!!!!! ♥♥

Miss Vain

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30 Responses to Waiting on Wednesday #25

  1. This one looks great! I have been wanting to read something by this author forever but since her series have so many books I’ve been intimated. Since this is new this might be a great place to start. The cover is very eye catching.
    My WOW

    • MissVain says:

      Yes Jennifer, you should totally read this one because it’s a first in the series!!:) I love the cover too. Thanks for visiting!:)

  2. Forget the synopsis, you had me with the cover. LOL. No seriously, it’s gorgeous! This definitely sounds interesting and like something I would obsess over. The only bad thing I see in it is that it’s book one and there’s going to be one hell of a waiting period if I happen to like it!
    Awesome pick!
    Would you like check out my WOW.

    • MissVain says:

      Haha Martina, you are way too impatient to want to wait for the next read, lol.;). Seriously though, I added this book originally based on the cover and then I read the synopsis LOL.

      Thanks for visiting!!:)

  3. I love Gena’s books, but her Alien Huntress novel, Awaken Me Darkly didn’t do it for me. I couldn’t stand Mia Snow >.< lol. I am however looking forward to this book, though I'm wondering if maybe I should read the rest of the series before starting this one o.O Lol Great Pick Miss V :) )


    • MissVain says:

      Hi Neyra ;)

      I hope we enjoy this one!!:) No you don’t have to be caught up because this is a new series and it’s not based on any of her other series! Thanks for visiting! Happy Hump Day Neyra;)

  4. I’m a new fan of Gena Showalters work! I loved Wicked Nights & I am currently reading The Darkest Night. This one sounds interesting.. A def girl? Sound promising. I think I’m a bit curious if there’s gonna be any banter between characters or not… hmmm. Guess I’ll have to get the book to find out lol. Great pick Miss Vain!

    My WoW

    Ana♥ Beach Bum Reads

    • MissVain says:

      Hi Ana,

      You and I must have visited Eachother at the same time last night.;) I’m glad you love Gena Showalters work because I do too, even if I’m behind on some of her books. Hope we love it. Thanks for visiting.;)

  5. VanesMate@Paraitch Reviews says:

    Omg that sounds awesome! I love Gena Showalter. Damn seems I’ve been missing out during my sabbatical!

    • MissVain says:

      Hey Mrs. V!!

      I can’t believe you missed out on adding this book to your Tbr pile. Better get on it now, ;) I love how you refer to wedding planning as your sabbatical! LOL

  6. I must say that I LURVE the cover of this book and want it in my TBR as well.
    Great choice!

  7. Ooh first time I’m hearing about this book. I do so like a good book about Assassins. That cover is to die for.


    • MissVain says:

      Hi Grace :)

      I bet you do love a good Assasins book considering you try to assassinate me on a regular basis either with your animals or voodoo dolls! L.oL. Better add this one to your reading so you can brush up on your assassination skills. Haha! ;) Happy Hump Day :) <3

  8. Wow! I just love the cover. It’s absolutely beautiful and I would pick it up upon seeing it!! Great pick once again :)
    My WoW

  9. Oh, this sounds great! I’ve never read any of her other books, but they’re on the list, as per usual. :P That premise is very intriguing, though!

    Here’s my WoW post. Happy Wednesday! :D

    • MissVain says:

      Hi Starry Eyed Jen, :)

      Yes, I hope we enjoy this book because the cover and the synopsis sounds promising!! Thanks for visiting! ;)

  10. Maria D. says:

    Great choice! I didn’t realize a new series was coming out. Adding this to my shopping list.

    Here’s my WoW

  11. Bianca says:

    I like the cover. It is very pretty. It sounds like a good story :)

  12. “red slinky dress and a caged shirtless man” Really that’s all I would need to hear to know this belongs on my pre-order list ;-)

    • MissVain says:

      Cat with Reyes Fever!!! Hello there with your sexy new Avi that I love!!!:)
      I also can appreciate how you and I think just alike “Red slinky dress and a caged shirtless man” I mean isn’t that such a wonderful guilty pleasure!! :)

  13. Mariya says:

    Monkey! Guess what Gena Showalter book is on Edelweiss right now! :)

  14. I can’t wait for this either! I love Gena Showalter’s writing and science fiction is always fun to read. Thanks for sharing!

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

  15. WOW that’s a great cover. I really need to grab a copy of this one.

  16. Nice picks! I haven’t read any of Showalter’s books, but I’ve heard they’re great. Thanks for sharing!

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