Feature & Follow #21

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Q: Christmas in July! Someone gives you a gift card for two books (whatever that costs). What two books will you buy?

I would Pre-Order the latest upcoming books in two series I’m completely and helplessly obsessed with. After reading Bared To You by Sylvia Day, I’m so completely fascinated by Eva and Gideon Cross that I can’t get enough of them, especially Gideon. So I would Pre-order

1. Reflected In You by Sylvia Day

Now that I’ve already read Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout and I have a sexy alien running through my mind constantly, I would Pre-order the next release coming out this year, though it has no cover yet.

2. Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout

What about you? What two books would you purchase? I would love to know your answers! Even if your not participating in FF or you don’t have a blog but your a reader, please share your answers with me!! Leave me a comment! Happy Friday!! ♥♥

Miss Vain

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18 Responses to Feature & Follow #21

  1. Cimmaron says:

    Is it October yet? I need some more of his hard and fast….well you know what I’m hinting at.

    • MissVain says:

      Haha!!! GIDEON!!!!!!! I know what your hinting at, but why don’t you just spell it out Cimmaron! Lmao! ;)

  2. Donna/BLHmistress says:

    I have a book by Sylvia Day, its not this series though its a historical I think .

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    My FF

    • MissVain says:

      Hi Donna/BLHmistress, ;)

      I really loved her Crossfire series more than I loved her other books, but now I’m interested in reading other books by her too!

      Happy Friday!!!

  3. Naomi H says:

    Ooh, what to pick….. The books I am hanging for aren’t due until next year, but I’m hanging for the next book in the Kate Daniel’s series…hmmm Curran….and Qhuinn and Blays book in The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series.

    • MissVain says:

      Hi Naomi :)

      Yes I’m looking forward to the next Kate Daniels book as well, also the Qhuay book is my most anticipated read of 2013!!! Love those BDB and especially Qhuinn & Blay!! *sigh*

  4. I’d like to read both of those!

    Happy Friday and New Follower!
    My FF

    BTW.. I love the glitter coming from the curser! Tres Cute!

  5. Jamie says:

    I’m salivating for both of those books, MV ;-) Nice choice!

  6. Jenna says:

    Hooray for Opal! Both are great picks. Loving your blog, especially the little purple stars following the mouse around!

    -Jenna @ Fans of Fiction (new follower)
    My FF

    • MissVain says:

      Hi Jenna :)

      Thanks so much for visiting and appreciate the follow!!! Thanks sooooo much got the blog and cursor love!!<3 Happy Friday!

  7. Alison says:

    Hopping through. I haven’t read anything by Armentrout. I really need to. I met her at BEA and thought she was great.
    My Hop

  8. Shan says:

    I would definitely get two books that I am biting at the bits to read.
    Reflected In You by Sylvia Day and Iced by Karen Marie Moning

    I am not so patiently waiting for the release of both.

    • MissVain says:

      Hi Shan :)

      I also am looking forward to Iced by KMM!!!:) I’m excited to get back into the Fever world and catch up with Mac and the sexy JZB!! ;) Thanks for sharing! Have a happy weekend!:)

  9. Can’t wait for more Gideon and you are responsible for me liking Jennifer’s books as well…you book pimper, you :)
    Have a great weekend!

    • MissVain says:

      Hi Trish!!;)

      I’m happy to be to blame for your interest in Jennifer L Armentrout’s books!! I love being called a Book Pimp too! Hehe!!! I cannot wait until we get both Opal and Reflected Into You into our anxious hands!!:) Have a wonderful weekend!! <3

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