Review: Bind Me by Stacey Kennedy

Indulge your Wildest Fantasies

Title: Bind Me
Author: Stacey Kennedy
Series: Pact of Seduction #1
Publisher: Loose Id
Release Date: October 11, 2011

Four best friends embrace their fantasies and make a pact of seduction to live out their deepest and darkest desires. The women place their lives in the hands of fate and one short straw declares Marley will be the first to awaken her secret wishes.

Reed, a Dom at sex club Castle Dolce Vita, has lived the BDSM lifestyle for awhile, but has yet to find a submissive that suits him. That is until he meets Marley, a woman seeking to indulge her fantasies.

As Reed guides her through a night of pleasure, Marley brings more to him than a perfect submissive–she stirs emotions in him long ago lost. By binding Marley, he runs up against his own limits, and now he has to choose between his self-protective barriers or surrendering to the wildfire Marley has reignited in his heart.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM theme and elements, including spanking.

The Seduction Pact! Indulge my fantasy

Have you ever had a sexual fantasy that you’ve never had the guts to share with anyone? Well thats what this book is about. Four best friends getting together for a special Girls Night in to celebrate one of their owns birthday. So what a fun and executing game to play, but to indulge in a little fantasy role play! These friends each write down their deepest. Darkest, private fantasy and promise to partake in the fantasy beginning in Pact of Seduction.

Reed Tsk- Tsked: “Oh sweetheart I see doubt in those eyes. Doubt I do not deserve. He lowered the crop. “Have I not earned your trust and proved to pleasure you?”

This short but very sexy novella centers around the birthday girl Marley and her first experience as a Sub at a BDSM fantasy pleasure club with the fierce Dom Reed. This lucky birthday girl will live out her fantasies that include pleasure, pain, orgasms, floggers, vibrators, bindings, and a whole lot of smut. Luckily Reed is the perfect Dom because he’s sexy, cares about the well being of his sub and takes his job of pleasing his Sub seriously. I found that to be such a favorable trait and he’s definitely the kind of Dom I would prefer as well.

I recommend this for someone looking for a short 60 page read with plenty of sexy scenes for the erotica lovers as well as BDSM for the pleasure and pain seekers. At the end you’ll want to watch the other three friends carry out their secret fantasy. The next book Beg For It will have Kole as the Dom for one of Marley’s friends and I’m a bit anxious to read his book because he’s the exact opposite of Reed. Where Reed is sexy, gentle, pain with pleasure pusher, Kole seems to be frightening, forceful, and full of pain with no pleasure so I’m curious to see how his story will play out.


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Miss Vain

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6 Responses to Review: Bind Me by Stacey Kennedy

  1. I want to read this book so bad! Great review and it sounds like this novella is full of kinky fuckery :)

  2. You and C’s kinky fuckery! Bwahahahaha!

    Dolce Vita is a very ironic name for a club, I’ve never been to one (and I don’t think I ever will) but it’s cool to live it vicariously through these characters. When you get the chance to interview SK, can you ask her if she’s been to one? LOL

    • MissVain says:

      Hi Braine

      Yes Cimmaron and I are addicted to kinky-Fuckery!! Does your national library presidential job have any kind of addiction programs available for us?? Like Kinky-Fuckery lovers anonymous??? :/ I’ve never been to one of those clubs either but Cimmaron told me you had already spent your first two years as a Dom at one of those clubs in Nashville, don’t worry I’ll keep it a secret…I’m going to ask SK for sure no worries!!;) <3

  3. Thanks for the review–I’ve just recently started reading Stacey’s books and some are really good. Have been thinking about getting this one–

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