ARC Review: Let Me In by Callie Croix

Short, Sweet and Sexy

Title: Let Me In
Author: Callie Croix
Series: Novella
Publisher: Carina Press
Release Date: May 21, 2012

On leave for Thanksgiving, the last thing marine lieutenant Talia Barnett expects to find is Liam Brodie waiting for her at the airport. He’s had a starring role in her fantasies for the past two years, and although she’d love to make them a reality, she has a dark secret that prevents her from taking things further.

A former marine, Liam‘s specialty is planning tactical operations, and that’s just what he plans to do to win Talia. The woman has kept him at arm’s length for too long, and this time he’s finally going to claim her—body and heart.

What begins as comfort quickly turns hot. When Liam shows Talia a hint of the dominant nature inside him, the submissive part of her flares to life. Though she desires him, she’s going back on deployment and doesn’t want to dump all her drama on him. Will he find a way to break through the protective walls around her heart and convince her they have a future that goes far beyond the bedroom?

“I love it when you stroke my ego.” The right side of his mouth lifted in amusement, creasing his lean cheek. “It’s all I have left since you won’t let me stroke you anywhere else.”

Let me in begins at the airport as Talia  a marine and is welcomed home for Thanksgiving by her best friend Amber and her gorgeous Alpha-Licious brother Liam whom Talia has been crushing on for the past two years. However she has been keeping him at arms length to ensure the stability of her friendship with her best friend Amber, Liam and his family. Since Talia is closer to this family than her own family she’s willing to endure the loneliness she feels without Liam as long as she can keep him as her family friend.

“I don’t….I don’t want to loose you.” His expression instantly softened. He cupped her hot cheek, caressed it with his thumb. “Baby, you won’t loose me. I’ve wanted you for so long.”

She is willing to have him as only as friend for fear that a relationship could possibly ruin the connection she shares with he and his family forever lost. I find this very relatable because how many times have us women kept our feelings secret for fear of destroying a good friendship, or working relationship with someone? Well I can, because I have been in Talia’s predicament more times than I can count. What she fails to realize is that Liam is not only attracted to her and desires a physical relationship with her, he also yearns for a romantic and emotional relationship with her as well.

“Being around him made her ache for things she couldn’t have.”

Though she tries her best to push him away, when he insists on taking her to visit her estranged mother she reluctantly accepts his request allowing him to drive her. Unfortunately her mother suffers from mental disease and upon Talia’s arrival at her apartment it’s discovered that her mother is having an episode and is lashing out at anyone offering her help including Talia. Distraught and embarrassed Talia feels secure that she can continue to keep her mothers mental disease and lifestyle a secret from Liam, however when he must intervene her shameful secret is exposed. I felt this scene captured Talia’s inner turmoil and emotional pain in this moment perfectly and although I find mental disease nothing to be ashamed of, yet I could understand her reluctance to share it with anyone.

What I loved most about Ethan is that when he discovers Talia’s mother in a fit of rage over what Talia fought to keep secret, he doesn’t judge her, he just loves her. I find nothing more sexy than a man than can show you the true meaning of unconditional love. Liam is very sexy and he uses his skills in the bedroom to show Talia just how sexy a man in uniform can truly be.

“What are you going to do?”
What I’ve wanted to do to you for almost two years.
“Shhh. Let me in”

He becomes Talia’s protector and explores ways to break down Talia’s emotional barriers asking her to allow him into her life. Talia is stubborn and apprehensive because of something to relatable and that’s fear. Fear of rejection. My only complaint about this story is that I wanted a little less rushed ended. However as short as this novella was Callie Croix definitely made this novella enjoyable using each and every word to vividly describe the in depth emotions used while verbally enhancing those  sexy love scenes. If you’re in the mood for a short romance with plenty of heat packed into a novella, then this is the read for you.

“He looked like he wanted to eat her up and she was more than willing to be devoured.”

ARC provided for review by Netgalley for Carina Press


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Miss Vain

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10 Responses to ARC Review: Let Me In by Callie Croix

  1. Cat Russell says:

    That’s a smoking hot cover. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Vain.

  2. I loved this book! It was short n sweet and super sexy! I wanted to throttle Talia most of the time but I loved it!

    • MissVain says:

      Hi VanesMate!! ;)

      Yes I did want to throttle Talia!! Just hurry up and get with Liam already! Lol xoxo

  3. Cimmaron says:

    Ooooo….. I loved this short book! I got really emotional when Talia had confronted her mother and everything that happened afterwards. Liam was great sticking with her after everything that went down. Early in the book Liam mentioned a threesome with his best friend….well I got that little book too and it was hot. I still need to write my review but I liked it too and it was HOT! YAY for smutty reads!

  4. Aleksandra says:

    Loving the review! I have this on my TBR pile and I hope to read it as soon as possible – I love the cover and the story sounds great. :)

    Aleksandra @ Divine Secrets of a Little Bookworm

    • MissVain says:

      Hello Aleksandra ;)

      Thank you!! This was a great short read. I hope you get a chance to read it and love it too!!;) <3

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