Arcadia Bell author Jenn Bennett: Interview & Giveaway

Good morning!!! Please help me welcome author Jenn Bennett to Miss Vain’s Paranormal Fantasy today!!! Yay! I’m so excited to have her here


I want to start by saying THANK YOU for visiting my blog and sharing a bit about your books, characters and your personal life with my readers. You truly have created a masterpiece in The Arcadia Bell series, Kindling The Moon and the latest book Summoning the Night has just recently released, yet I’m already looking forward to the next adventure of Arcadia, Lon, and Jupe (Binding The Shadows, releasing in June 2013).

Thanks so much for having me on your blog, Miss Vain! I appreciate all the kind words, and am so glad you’ve enjoyed the books.  It’s my pleasure Jenn!!


1. How long did it take you to write Kindling The Moon & Summoning The Night?

It took me about six weeks to write KINDLING. Super fast, zip-zip. SUMMONING? I think I originally wrote it in about 8-9 weeks, but I went back and re-wrote the last half of it twice. So God only knows how long it really took.

2. A book series with a shot slangin heroine who also happens to be a powerful magician is very unique, how did you come up with the idea?

I wish I had a fabulous story for that, but truth is, who the hells knows? LOL. All of my stories seem to start with one scene (in the case of KINDLING, it was the smutty scene in Lon’s library, the first time he and Cady kissed), then the world just builds around it. Maybe I was influenced by watching some true crime serial killer show (in regards to Cady’s parents), but the rest just built itself inside my very strange brain, one brick at a time.

3.  Since you’re originally from Germany, how old we’re you when you came to the USA?

My father was in the US Army and got stationed in a small town outside of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, where I was born. I lived there two years, we moved to the states for a few years, then moved back to Germany until I was in third grade. By that time, I didn’t want to move to the US. My brother and I were light-years ahead of all the US students (the schools in Germany were far better) and it took us awhile to adjust to American culture. You know, all these years later, I still miss Germany. And the Netherlands, which is where we vacationed in the summer. One day I’m going to indulge in a nice, long trip to Europe and visit places from my childhood.

4. Do you speak German or any other foreign languages?

I spoke German when I was kid, but I only remember a few words now. Guess it’s a case of of Use It or Lose It, you know? I speak some rough Spanish. My husband speaks French and is awesome with languages, so I rely on him for the bits of French in Arcadia Bell.

5. If you were a powerful magician like the heroine from your series Arcadia Bell, what would be your most prized magical skill?

The ability to conjure up Michael Fassbender at will? Rawr!

6. The Demon-Licious (what I refer to him as) Lon Butler and his pirate mustache had me swooning over him the entire time while reading Kindling The Moon & Summoning The Night. Did you mold him after anyone in particular?? (Don’t worry I’ll keep it a secret from your husband) ;)

Yes and no? He’s kind of got a Johnny Depp thing going on, and maybe a little Josh Holloway (Sawyer from Lost). But no matter what I originally imagined when I dreamed him up, he’s definitely just LON in my head now.

7. I read that you love mythology and fairy tales. If you had your choice, which fairy tale world would you chose to live in?

Hmm, either something that took place inside the Black Forest—something dark and delicious and Grimm (but not like the new TV series, which is disappointing)—or something Egyptian. I’ve got mega-love for Egyptian mythology.

8.   Earlier this year you posted good looking men with mustaches (my personal favorite was Burt Reynolds from the 80′s). Of your choices which do you find most similar to your vision of Lon Butler?

I suppose it depends, because all of those men change their facial hair constantly (except Burt: now that was a reliable ‘stache, LOL!). I image Lon as having just the mustache (slender, not Tom Selleck-thick) and a small triangle below his bottom lip. Folks can check out my Lon Butler pinterest boards for some visuals (and a sketch I did of Lon recently): Click here to view Pinterest

9. What inspired you to write an age difference between Arcadia & Lon? (As well as incorporate his young teenage son Jupe? He’s becoming a fan favorite BTW.)

Cady is 25 and Lon is 42, so there’s a pretty big age gap going on. Primarily, I did it for conflict. Just to force them to have to work for the romance. And I thought it was funny that all these immortals in urban fantasy and paranormal romance are involved with humans, and no one blinks an eye. A 2000 year old vampire can be getting it on with a 21-year-old heroine and it’s accepted, but God forbid you put two non-immortals together with an age difference. Such scandal!

10.  If you could switch places with any fictional character in a book, which character would you chose to be and why?

Maybe one of Dr. Who’s companions? How geeky is that? But it would be pretty awesome to whoosh through time. And I’m pretty sure I could seduce him. I think some of the female companions just haven’t tried hard enough.

****Now I’d like to play a game called Plead The Fifth****

The rules are as follows: You can only plead the Fifth to ONE question; and please make your answers as sinful as possible. ;)

1. What is your secret sinful read that if you’re dear aunts knew you were reading they would use up ALL the ink in their “Black Sharpie Marker” to black out the smut?

LOL, you read my dedication in SUMMONING THE NIGHT! Yes, my aunts would blacken out all the bad words and sex scenes in their Harlequin romances. Too funny. As for me, I’m not secretive about it: I love smut! But the best smut is smart and hot, and for that I’m going to have to say anything by Charlotte Stein or Cara McKenna. Brilliant smut.

2. You could chose to be rich or famous?

If I was rich, couldn’t I buy my own fame? I think so. Let’s go with rich.

3. You find yourself stranded on a deserted island with a sexy book, tanning oil, and your most coveted secret celebrity crush, who would you chose? And what book did you bring with you?

I’m going to go with Michael Fassbender again, as he’s on my mind right now. If I had him, I doubt I need the sexy book. And I definitely don’t tan, so I’d skip that as well and just head straight to crazy island sex in the shady jungle!

4. If you were given the choice to be gifted with good looks, charm, intelligence, and gloriously rich, yet you would have to chose for one of your friends to be lacking ALL of the above charms would you take the deal?

I think I’d be a selfish pig for taking the deal, so I’ll no. I wouldn’t.

5. Name your most embarrassing moment, you’ve been too terrified to share before?

Hmm, trying to think of one. Once in high school, a guy asked me to have a threesome with a friend of mine (a girl). I turned him down, and at the time thought it was horribly embarrassing: would he tell the whole school I was a prude? Or maybe he’d lie and say I did it anyway? WHAT WAS HE SAYING ABOUT ME??? Looking back, I think it’s all pretty funny. Maybe I should’ve taken him up on the offer, what do you think? I also wonder if was able to talk anyone else into it.

6. If you could be a fly on any celebrity’s bedroom wall, which celebrity would you chose?

Christopher Kimball. Do you know him? He’s the tall, geeky, bow-tied chef who runs Cooks Illustrated and stars in the PBS cooking show, America’s Test Kitchen. He’s VERY controlling and such a snob, always correcting the other cooks in the kitchen. Love it! I imagine he does some pretty kinky shit with his wife.

Thanks for all the fun questions! I laughed a lot while answering them, which is always a good thing!

Thank you so much Jenn for stopping by and sharing a bit of yourself with us! I enjoyed hearing the fascinating juicy details of your funny, fantasy filled and kinky world. You are welcome back here anytime!! ♥♥ You’re answers had me laughing out loud!! 


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  1. Tanyaw1224 says:

    Nice interview =) I’d love to start her series. Our family is military as well and I’ve heard so many good things about the schools in Germany. We’re trying to go there for our next assignment. So pretty there. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Awesome interview! I’m actually reading Kindling the Moon right now. So I was super excited to see this post :)

  3. Diane Sallans says:

    I don’t think I’ve read a book about a magician like this.

  4. Jamie says:

    Fabulous interview. I love hearing from very cool and talented authors like Jenn Benn.

  5. melliane says:

    Oh thank you for this amazing interview it was very interesting to learn more!

  6. This series is on my wishlist but since she mentioned Fassy… SQUEEE!!! I want to read it more! That man is heaven sent! Hot damn!

  7. Thank you for the lovely and fun interview Ladies, I very much enjoyed getting to know Jenn better :-D lol (and I’m so there with you re: your Michael Fassbender obsession, that man is irresistible!) I have recently got Kindling the Moon and as my blogger friends keep telling me how awesome your series is I can’t wait to finally delve in and discover the world and characters you have created :-D Thank you!

  8. VanesMate says:

    I would love to get my grubby fingers on that!! Great Giveaya chicky!

  9. Emmy says:

    Awesome post Miss V! I especially love her answer to #9 about the age difference!

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