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Welcome to the Stacia & Stacey Giveaway Hop! This hop is hosted by Addicted 2 Heroines, Goldilox and the Three Weres, and myself Miss Vain’s Paranormal Fantasy. This hop will run from 12:01 AM March 20, 2012 through 11:59 PM March 27, 2012.


Since both these authors are friends and are also releasing their latest installment of their dark, gritty, Urban Fantasy series the same day, we thought why not throw a blogger party! ♥ Please help my blogger buddies and I celebrate the release of Sacrificial Magic and Blood on The Bayou. Both books to release March 27, 2012.

To prevent from having duplicate prizes offered we tried to make all our giveaways unique to our own giveaway so please be sure to enter each different hop giveaway!

Also the hosting blogs are offering an additional prize of a $50.00 Amazon gift card so please be sure to enter BOTH Raffelcopter giveaways to ensure yourself a winner!♥

Thank you for entering and Good Luck!!!

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Miss Vain’s Giveaway!


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Good Luck! Thank you Joining in the fun! Don’t forget to enter the other Awesome Blogs Great Giveaways as well!!

Miss Vain

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46 Responses to Giveaways: Stacia & Stacey Giveaway Hop

  1. Like I remember how long’s been. maybe sometimes late last year. Haha!
    More so, just last week ago when I read Sacrificial Magic! ;)

    • MissVain says:

      Mariya, just having fun with questions here dork!!! I know you well enough to know that you were a Terrible Girl long before you were a Downside fan!<3

  2. Denise Z says:

    I have been a terrible girl for a very long time and bet I will be even “terribler” once I have read these fun reads. I always remember the saying from Mae West – “When I’ good, I’ very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better” Thanks for the bad girl giggles and for a chance to win these awesome reads!!

    • MissVain says:

      Oooooooh Denise!! I love you! You are fierce!! I love that Mae West saying!! Best thing I’ve heard on night!! Hehehe! Thank you for entering!!

  3. Don’t hate me, but I am not as of yet a Terrible girl. I still have to read the book but I swear I am going to very soon. I have heard great things.

  4. Mary Ann Woods says:

    I’m not sure that I’m a terrible girl even now. There have been times when I’ve wished I was more “terrible!”

  5. miki says:

    i’m not a terrible girl even if sometimes i wished i was. And i really hope to discover these books soon

  6. SharonS says:

    woot! I have heard so much about Terrible I feel like I should make him my book boyfriend before I even read about him! I have the first book on my kindle, now I just need to read it! thanks for the little hop and give aways

  7. Anna says:

    This hop seriously rocks :) Congrats for organizing it girl!

  8. Tanyaw1224 says:

    I feel out of the loop. I have not read this series yet so I haven’t gotten to know Terrible yet. What a name ;) I definitely want to try this series after your high reviews. Thanks for the contest.

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  10. Monica says:

    I haven’t started the series yet. It’s on my TBR list though.

  11. I’ve been a terrible girl for almost a month now. LOL

  12. Nicola says:

    I haven’t read these books yet but I do have the first one on order at the library!

  13. Julie S says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve only read the first book but I do like Terrible.

  14. Lauren says:

    I am not a terrible girl ~yet~

  15. Fry says:

    I read the first two Downside books early last year. I always liked Terrible.

    I can just imagine what my husband would say if I actually won the shirt. LOL.

  16. Annie @ UTC says:

    I think this question would be best answered by Terrible himself. Oh wait, he’s too busy with that mouth of his!

    ;P That was for you, Vain!

    P.S. Sorry I couldn’t participate in this hop! I wanted to but I had a prior commitment.

    • MissVain says:

      Annie Girl!

      Once again must I tell you that if you don’t keep it clean you Terrible Girl you, I’m going to have Christian put you over his knee and his palms are twitching <3

      Oh it’s ALL GOOD I understand, next time! XOXO

  17. Becky says:

    Im not a TERRIBLE girl yet but ive been told I channel the terrible girl persona. LOLOL love the giveaway and thanks!!! Hope to read these books they look good and are of course all the series are on the TBR list. :-)

  18. Traci Loya says:

    Don’t think I’m a terrible girl just yet…but I aspire to be!!! Thanks for the great giveaways!!!!

  19. Nikki says:

    All my life definately!! LOL…The books sound great!!

  20. Linda Henderson says:

    Well I’m not a terrible girl yet, but I want to be. Thank you for the excellent giveaway.

  21. April Alvey says:

    I have been a terrible girl for a very long time according to my husband any way lmao but im not all that bad i dont think lol.

  22. I’ve been in love with Terrible since Jan ’11!!!

    Look, I’m glad we teamed up for this hop and all…but I don’t know how I feel about another woman wearing a t-shirt that announces Terrible belongs to her. I may have to let the claws out!!

  23. I have been a Terrible Dame for a few months. It took me a while to cave and try this series out… not usually into ghost related series, but as usual you guys didn’t lead me wrong. Love, love, love this series… mostly Terrible ;)

  24. Julianne says:

    I haven’t read any of the books yet, so I’m not a Terrible girl. :( How about a wanna be Terrible girl. :)
    I’ve been looking at the covers for Stacia’s series, they are great.

  25. Amber says:

    I have not had the chance to read them so im not a terrible girl yet;)

  26. bn100 says:

    Not that long.

  27. Emmy the Fiction Vixen says:

    LOL. I just checked GR. I’ve been a Terrible girl the day I started reading Unholy Ghosts- Christmas day 2011. And it’s been love ever since! Thanks for talking me into reading this one!

  28. JessS says:

    I’m not sure. I read the books about a month ago, but the first one took a while to get into, and I don’t think I was completely in love with Terrible until the second. Now I’m definitely a Terrible Girl! I can’t wait for the 4th one.

  29. Anna M-N says:

    I have been a Terrible girl since late 2010 when I first read the series :) I was holding out for Chess to get it together and realise how awesome/sexy Terrible is.

  30. Anne says:

    I’ve been a Terrible girl since book 2. Took me a while to warm up to the anti-hero characters in the series.

  31. Elizabeth (BookAttict) says:

    I’m not a Terrible girl…..yet! But I have a feeling I will be…soon!!!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  32. Dovile says:

    I’m not a Terrible girl, but I’d love to be:)

  33. Mel Bourn says:

    I am ashamed….I am not a Terrible girl…YET! This will be getting rectified ASAP!! I definite must!
    bournmelissa AT hotmail DOT com

  34. Julie Witt says:

    According to my mother, I’ve been a Terrible girl all my life! LOL

  35. Barbara says:

    Well…I am new to this series…but according to my mother…I’ve been a ‘terrible girl’ before I was even born. Go figure…and according to my husband…he says…I’m still a ‘terrible girl’ today. However…I don’t think they’re talking the same language…if you know what I mean *wink, wink* LOL!! ;) Thx for the AWESOME giveaway op! :)

    barbbattaglia @

  36. New to all of this so I’m looking forward to getting to know all these characters! Thanks and congratulations on your giveaway girls!

  37. Samantha says:

    Ive been a Terriable girl for about a week! I just started reading!

  38. avry15 says:

    I’ve never been a terrible girl…But I would like to be one!

  39. Alexa says:

    I just became a Terrible girl recently in the past 2ish months but I’m already really hooked. I can’t wait to read City of Ghosts!

  40. theladyreads says:

    I haven’t read the books yet, but I can’t wait to! I have them all on my kindle and every time I turn it on I swear the books start beginning me to read them!

  41. antane says:

    2 years or so. I was swept away form the first glower!

  42. Well I suppose I’m not technically a Terrible girl yet since I just discovered the series and haven’t read it, but I’m sure it won’t take me long to become one! Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to enter. Also, I’m seriously digging your blog! =D

  43. Spav says:

    I read the books last summer, so that’s when I became a Terrible girl.

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