Review: The Iron Duke

I’m officially a STEAMPUNK Junkie

Title: The Iron Duke
Author: Meljean Brook
Series: The Iron Seas #1
Publisher:Berkeley Trade
Release Date: October 5, 2010

First in an all-new series where seductive danger and steampunk adventure abound in the gritty world of the Iron Seas.  After the Iron Duke freed England from Horde control, he instantly became a national hero. Now Rhys Trahaearn has built a merchant empire on the power-and fear-of his name. And when a dead body is dropped from an airship onto his doorstep, bringing Detective Inspector Mina Wentworth into his dangerous world, he intends to make her his next possession. But when Mina uncovers the victim’s identity, she stumbles upon a conspiracy that threatens the lives of everyone in England. To save them, Mina and Rhys must race across zombie-infested wastelands and treacherous oceans-and Mina discovers the danger is not only to her countrymen, as she finds herself tempted to give up everything to the Iron Duke.

“You may continue to call me inspector,”
“And you may call me Rhys.”
“I won’t.”
“Even when I’m in your bed?”
Mina dropped her hand to her gun.
“I agree. That was too brazen.” he leaned in toward her, taking up too much space she could hardly draw. Breath. “I should have said my bed, yes?”

Who knew Steampunk, Zombies, Kraken, a feisty detective and a brazenly golden earring wearing gorgeous pirate could make for such an exciting and sexy read? Well I sure didn’t! I should have never waiting so long to read this book. After reading this book, I suddenly have a desire fantasy to seek out a brazen good hoop wearing pirate……Errrr of course what I probably would find is something most likely resembling a pimp with fake ghetto fabulous attire.

For 200 anguishing years the Mongol Horde has controlled England through fear and nano-agents laced in their food supplies such as sugar. The Horde continued to manipulate and restrain an oppressed society using nano-agent devices to manipulate their behavior. These restricted mechanical behaviors consisted of;  manipulating emotions, suppressing anger, causing breeding frenzies leading to rape, immobility and rendering the bounders (English citizens) useless in revolt attempts against the Horde.

Not a gentlemen, but the pirate captain, His Bastard Grace, the Iron Duke. It didn’t matter which. He knew exactly what he was about.

The Iron Duke begins 10 years after Rhys Trahearn a merchant captain rescued the bounders (England civilians) from the severely brutal  Horde Control when he destroyed their powerful and suppressive reign. The Control tower he demolished was a signal tower that communicated with the nano agents infecting the population controlling the helpless citizens with a click of a button. This heroic almost suicide mission and brazen act saved the population from the Horde control gaining him a heroic reputation as a force to be recogned with and the revered title of pirate hero The Iron Duke.

Now free of the Horde tyranny those fortunate citizens who fled England for the New World during the Horde authority have returned to England with gold, riches and a superiority complex. This book is plagued with horribly painful prejudices towards the less fortunate citizens that have been infected with nano agents against their will and those birthed in poverty under the Horde rule.

“It doesn’t matter I’d pay it for you.”

Her laugh was short and hollow. Of course he would. “At what price?”

His eyes narrowed. “Wouldn’t  your brother be worth it?”

A man raised in a crèche might not understand how much Mina valued her family. And so she’d forgive him that question, just this once. But she couldn’t prevent the bitterness from claiming her voice.

“Yes, Your Grace he is. Which means that I would be in your service for a very long time, because Andrew’s worth is a hundred times greater, than any man who uses a threat on his life to strong-arm me into bed.”

Amusement touched his hard mouth. “I take my opportunities where I find them, inspector.”

Meet Mina, also referred to as Detective Inspector Wilhelmina Wentworth she’s a feisty and fierce loyal protagonist I’ve grown to admire. Her mother was rapped by the Horde during a nano agent controlled breeding frenzy, and it was painful for her mother to see the product of her rape that she gouged out her own eyes upon first viewing her Horde daughter. Her mother has since had new eyes installed by the talented Blacksmith and her mother now recovered from that emotionally painful experience is now an advocate for bounder citizen equality as well as making lives more productive for women. Sadly she’s been afflicted with the nano agent buggers her Horde physical features are visible and it’s obvious to everyone around her that she has Horde blood in her veins resembling the Horde. This has caused her traumatic grief her entire life. She has to work and excel in her work duties just to be treated as almost an equal. It’s so sad because she’s a good person, loyal, honest, feisty, fearless and people treat her with disgust and actually physically cause hem to her just because she was an unfortunate product of rape by the Horde.

Luckily she has an amazingly tender and honorable protector in her inspector partner Constable Newberry. He’s a happily married loyal co-worker that has a devoted friendship with Mina, and he plays the role of her personal bodyguard protecting her from bigots and other other hostile victimizers lurking in the dark for unsuspecting Mina. I look forward to reading more about Constable Newberry in future installments.

In the beginning Mina has been given the task of investigating a murder victim that has been literally been dropped off on the doorstep lavish estate of Rhys Trahearn, The Iron Duke .  Together they begin investigating this murder, and from then begins the exciting thrill ride. The Iron Duke sets his goal on possessing Mina as his own in bed or in work, until he discovers that not only is she slipping into his fantasies frequently she’s also taking up a spot in his heart, and he discovers he wants to save the same spot for himself in her heart.

I’ll start of by saying I simply loved this book. When I wasn’t reading I was thinking about The Iron Duke the murder investigation. The Iron Duke is everything I desire in a hero. He’s brooding, arrogant, powerful, rich, masculine, cold and detached, yet tender when he chooses,  and with an insatiable appetite for “shagging” the only object of his desires. With his take charge, and ask for question later attitude this Pirate Hero is a force to reckoned with. There were times in this story I felt the steam and desired a fan to cool myself off because it was as if I were a voyeur on these sizzling excursions.

“But don’t be mistaken, Mina. I don’t crusade on principles. I just protect whats mine. They were on the Terror, so they’re mine. And when I found Andrew, I wanted your gratitude.”

Soon Mina and Rhys find themselves on a race against time to rescue his pirate cargo ship the Terror from evildoers especially because he feels it’s his duty to protect his employees and Mina’s brother happens to be one of them on that ship. So bound by his honorable captain duty to save his ship as well as his men aboard, he also seeks to save Mina’s brother Andrew out of employer duty as well as a Hail Mary attempt to capture her approval and perhaps her heart.

Other characters worthy of mentioning In The Iron Duke were Yasmeen also known as Lady Cosair, Archimedes Fox, and Scarsdale. Lady Cosair is a hilarious addition to this story due to her brazen and cold and calculating personality. She comes across as a tough as nails brutal character that you do not want to go up against because she can hold her own. I sense that she actually  behaves in this manner as a coping mechanism in order to protect herself from either future pain or pain from her past. I know we will discover her entire story in the next novel The Iron Seas because she and Archimedes Fox are the main focus of the next novel. The Iron Duke’s best friend Scarsdale is a drunken hot mess, and his behavior just brightens up the entire story, I’m really hoping his book will be sooner rather than later.

I absolutely loved this story. The Iron Duke has everything I love; a feisty courageous heroine, a gorgeous sexual tyrant hero, fighting, zombies, steampunk, kraken, imaginatively creative  world building, steamy passionate scenes, loyalty, family values, friendship and most favorable of all honor.

Holding her still as he inhalled, as if drawing in her scent. He lifted his head, but didn’t release her. His thumb brushed her bottom lip. “You will accept me. And now I will know you, even if you come to me in the dark.”

Know her? Arrogant, insufferable knacker. Her hand shot to the front of his breeches, making claws of her fingers, and trapping his genitals in a tight grip. “And even in the dark, now I’ll know that I’m ripping off the right cods.” 

Miss Vain

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11 Responses to Review: The Iron Duke

  1. melliane says:

    Oh it sounds so amazing! I’m so curious to try this series now! I’m glad you enjoyed this novel so much. great review

  2. Tanyaw1224 says:

    You know…I’ve seen a lot of good reviews on this book. I’ve not read much steampunk but the one series from Clay and Susan Grifffith. Vampire Empire and it was awesome! I only got it because it had the word vampire in the title ;) I’m glad I did because it was sooo good. I think I’m going to have to try this one now as well. Pirates? It would be a first for me. Thanks for sharing your review.

    • MissVain says:

      Hi Tanya,
      The Vampire Empire is a series I need to read. I have several friends that loved it! I want to catch up before the next release. It’s pirates but not exactly how I had pictured them, basically they’re on a ship. Lol. I would most definitely recommend this book!;)

  3. Yep, this is an awesome series. It spells out why people are nuts over steampunk!

  4. Burgandy Ice says:

    :-) What a fun review!!! :-) Yay!

  5. Alexa says:

    Wow that was a great review Miss Vain! Now you are making me sit back and wonder why the heck I have had this one on my shelf since it released and have not yet read it. I bet you are really happy that the second book is already out for your reading pleasure.

    Thanks once again for the amazing review, I wish I could fit this one in, maybe April or May :)

    • MissVain says:

      Thanks Alexa! Now after reading this I’m disenchanted with all the books on my shelf temporarily! I’m thinking about reading the next book right away because I loved this one so much!

      I just read The Goddess Test today, and I found it so silly and everything I try to avoid while reading YA, I blame it for my going to bed with a massive headache…….:/ lol

      Thanks again, ;) Just be sure to read this!!!;))

      • Alexa says:

        Wow sounds pretty powerful if everything else on your shelf is not looking tempting! I’m sure that was temporary but still that speaks volumes about the book. I really need to read more adult books, I know I keep complaining about this without actually making it happen!

        I think come May I’m cutting off everything else and just reading adult for a month or two. Whatever floats my boat.

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