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So, since the theme is Leaping into Books, I’ve decided to give two books away. I’m excited to read them as well. One about vampires and one about Zombies! YEAH! They both sound so awesome, I can’t decide which one to read first.

My giveaway is for Partials by Dan Wells  & When the Sea is Rising Red by Cat HellisenPlease join in the fun and test your luck to see if you’re the lucky winner.

Good Luck!! ♥

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Thank you for entering! ♥

Miss Vain

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118 Responses to Giveaways: Leap Into Books Giveaway Hop

  1. April Hays says:

    I would be a faerie. I can’t figure out why…but I love them and I love reading about anything faerie….I collect faeries….I know dorky…haha

  2. TayteH says:

    I’d be a mermaid. I love to swim, and seafood everyday sounds wonderful. Plus, they are powerful and beautiful at the same time. :D Perfect combination.

  3. Cimmaron says:

    Which paranormal species would I want to be? Hmmm…… I think I’d like to be a Vampire.

    Why? Because 1) I’m a night owl so it would make more sense for me to be a vamp 2) the whole staying young forever sounds appealing. Although I’d prefer to have turned a vamp before my 25th B-Day 3) there are so many hot vampires in the literary world, that I’d just want to be like one of them. Although they probably won’t date me cause it seems they like falling for humans. LOL! 4) they have super speed, enhanced visions and hearing and ultra fast healing powers. Being able to fly would be a major plus. No more having to go through TSA lines!

  4. blanshire says:

    I would like to become a mermaid! I think they are really lovely and magical. I also envy them because they are said to be great swimmers. xD

  5. leannessf says:

    Great giveaway! I would love to be an angel – maybe an avenging one, so I can take out the bad guys or reform the saveable (is that a word? :) ) ones!


  6. Not sure if Mythological Godess count as paranormal, but that I’d be. It’s a pleasure have all those human worshipers in your hands.

  7. Stella says:

    I love angels because they seem so graceful and deadly at the same time.

  8. DAYLE BUTLER says:

    Would love to be one of the Greek goddess

  9. Miss Print says:

    If I had to choose I’d probably want to be a witch because that’s the closest thing to having superpowers. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Natasha says:

    Vampire, because I am usually up all night anyway, being young forever would be awesome and all their powers are awesome too.

  11. Andrea K. says:

    Hmm Either vampire, Angel or a demon.

    Vampire: Because you can’t fine me awake in daytime (that’s true lol). I love the darkness, and being almost immortal with those awesome power would be priceless.

    Angel: GOD I would have love some beautiful wings. Like in Nalini’s GH series. I would want to be a Guardian or an Archangel (asking too much, Andie?!). Lethal, still beautiful.

    Demon: Not the ugly type. Maybe a succubus. I’m naughty =D

    Thanks for the giveaway!! <3 Partials

  12. I’d be a fairy, because I want to be magical and sparkly. :) Great giveaway.

  13. Sarah Walker says:

    I would be a shapeshifter because then I could blend in wherever I went.

  14. miki says:

    a shiter either a werewolf or a feline one ^^ beause they are loyal and protective with one mate

  15. Jennifer Haile says:

    I’d be a vampire because the nighttime has always been my time!

  16. reading mind says:

    I’d love to be a powerful witch…I could use some magical powers now and then!

  17. Jamie says:

    A Fae princess, of course. Or maybe a half-fae/half-human who doesn’t know she’s part fae. Hee! Hee! And then I could go to Ireland to investigate my sister’s death, and meet this dark and mysterious guy who owns a bookstore. Yep – that’s what I’d be, lol ;-)

    • Jamie says:

      And before you say anything, I meant fae – I don ‘t want to be a seer ;-)

    • MissVain says:

      Oh and let me take a wild guess and say that you want to work at a store called Barrons Baubbles and Books, and fall in love with the ferociously sexy owner??! Don’t forget IYD! ;)

      I’m loving everyone’s answers, I can’t wait to reply to everyone ;!

  18. alicia marie says:

    i think i’d like to be either a faery or an angel.
    a faery because they can be all magical and mysterious and an angel because i’d love some gorgeous feathery wings and wouldn’t mind being able to fly : )

  19. Anne says:

    I forget the term for it, but I’d like to be one of those types that can touch others and get their powers for a while.

  20. Miri says:

    I think I’d love to be a witch, just because I’m such a huge Harry Potter nerd.

    But, after reading Arcadia Awakens by Kai Meyer, I have to say that being a shapeshifter seems to be kind of cool for me, too. (Oh, and I just almost wrote shaKeshifter. :D )

  21. Lauren says:

    Wow, fantastic choices! I think I would like to be an angel who helps people in their time of crisis.

  22. milind uppal says:

    A wizard cos they are the best

  23. Thilde says:

    A witch.. Because I would love to be able to use magic

  24. Tanya Maxemow says:

    I would be a vampire. My husband already calls me one. I have great night vision, I love the night and dark, I need sunglasses even when it rains, I hate tanning, etc. I’d make a great vamp.

  25. Veronika says:

    I’d like to be a vampire or an angel :D
    Linky follower: Veronika

  26. Tanychy says:

    I would be an angel.

  27. Crystal Young says:

    I thank a vampire I am a night person anyway Thanks for the giveaway

  28. Mary Ann Woods says:

    I think I would want to be a fairy. I would like the opportunity to fly and twinkle!! I’ve always been fascinated with Tinkerbelle.

  29. I think I’d like to be a vampire. I’m not really fond of sunlight. :P

    Angie @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews

  30. melliane says:

    thanks for this great giveaway! I think I would love to be a fae. They are always so interesting, intriguing, plus they alwaus have powers too.

  31. I’d love to be a witch!

  32. I’d like to be an angel- a guardian angel- or a fairy (like Megan in the Iron Fey series).

    Thanks for this great giveaway:)

    Sarah Bibi Setar

    sarah DOT setar AT gmail DOT com

  33. Jade says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! If I were a paranormal species I’d be a werewolf. I just have so much love for those furry shape-shifters.

  34. May Abraham says:

    I would want to be an Angel. I love angels :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Cathee says:

    Someone with powers…

    or an Angel!

  36. Nicola says:

    A vampire because I already don’t go out much!

  37. I would be a shapeshifter. Not just a regular shapeshifter, but a shifter that can change into any species she wants. ;D Badass shifter.

  38. Doodle says:

    I would be a shapeshifter. Specifically a snow leopard because…
    1. they are adorable
    2. i love living in the mountains
    3. i’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a feline

  39. Christina Kit. says:

    Linky follower Christina Kit.

    I’d be a vampire because they’re always so cool :)

  40. Stephanie W. says:

    Definitely a vampire! Sexy, powerful, cool supernatural powers… enough said!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Amber Hughes says:

    I would want to be a shapeshifter, mainly werewolf! As you know from my profile pic on Goodreads, I love wolves. Of course, I would want to be able to shift without the pain! LOL! :-)

  42. DANIELA says:

    I’d like to be a shapeshifter, a Tiger, I’d be super strong! hehe

  43. Terri Byles says:

    I love Vampires!!! sexy and bad boy. yum

  44. Irika says:

    Shapeshifters because they are cool, and it would be a helpful talent.

  45. Antane says:

    I want to be a scary scary vampire!

  46. Wolfswan1 says:

    I would be a ghost, maybe a poltergeist then I can haunt my boss… lol
    I can live forever, never have a bad hairday, never gain weight, poof in and out
    where and when I want. I can be nice and helpfull when I want and if I dont I can scare ppl off or just disapear into nothingness untill I feel like re-appearing.
    Doc Jane in Black dagger Brotherhood is an amazing ghost.

  47. Dovile says:

    I’d like to be a shapeshifter, because it would be awesome to be able to turn into an animal.

  48. Noely Jeleen says:

    I’d like to be an angel, or a shapeshifter. :D

  49. Jane says:

    A faery would be great. Then, I can fly everywhere. :-D

  50. Sofija Kapranova says:

    I would be fay because they can use glamour and some of them even can fly.

  51. I’d say a vampire, because I’m obsessed with them but I wouldn’t like the bloodlust so I’ll say… Witch or faerie :D Just seems awesome to have magic.

  52. Okay, I know I WOULDN’T be:
    1. A vampire because I really don’t want to feed on people.
    2. A werewolf because I’m really allergic to dander.
    3. A zombie because I don’t like the colour of their complexion.
    4. A witch because anything that has to do with Satan just freaks me out.

    That leaves me with very little! Mmm…let’s see. A fierce angel? A mermaid? I can’t decide between beautiful wings or a sexy fish tail. Either way, that’s who I’d most likely be!

    Thanks for a shot at the giveaway,
    Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez
    On Twitter: @ZaraAlexis

  53. I would go with shapeshifter of Fairy for the longer beautiful lifes
    span :)
    Thank you for the giveaway!!

  54. Hi! I follow via Linky as Proserpine and via email: proserpinecravedfor(at)hotmail(dot)com
    Thanks for this giveaway!
    I would love to be a vampire, I always wanted to be a vampire….But I’m pretty sure I’ll miss the sun so maybe a nice kick-ass werewolf or maybe a kind of dragon shifter! LOL I love pretty much everything ahahaha!

  55. The paranormal species I would be is a werewolf because it’s hot when the guys turn into wolves :Q___ and how they are so protective and how the wolf forms are so cute!!!

  56. usagi says:

    Hm. I’d be a shapeshifter of some sort. I wouldn’t limit myself to just one animal, though.

  57. Carrie A says:

    I’d like to be fae…they have awesome powers but can still go out in the daylight!

  58. Rea says:

    Do I get to choose dragons cuz I wish I could breathe fire and fly and just generally be badass? If not, I’d go with elf. Not sure why, I’ve just loved them ever since I discovered Tolkein at the ripe old age of 7!

  59. Julie Witt says:

    I would be a witch, specifically a healing witch, so I would have the power to heal people! Just think how popular I would be!! LOL

  60. Shapeshifters because they are cool/ a bear or a wolf for me or a griffin

  61. I would be fey or a fairy!

  62. Lisa Fisher Walker says:

    I think I would like to be an angel.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. Burgandy Ice says:

    You know… I’m on a Dragon thing at the moment. I would LOVE to be a dragon, shapeshifter… really long and sinewy, transparent and shadowy. Yep. I’m stuck on it temporarily. :-D

  64. Cricket says:

    I would be an angel cause i want wings to fly

  65. Sarah S says:

    I’d love to be a witch or maybe even a faerie! They’re both magical and have amazing powers.

  66. Heather Schrock says:

    Hmmmm……proabably an angel. They have so many “powers” !

  67. Denise Z says:

    I think I want to be a little bitty dragon with the ability to become invisible and breath big fire! I want to fly and be able to defend myself and others ;)

  68. Evie says:

    I think I’d like to be a werewolf. Just because they’re badass! :)
    Thanks a lot for the giveaway!

  69. Lauren says:

    I would be one of the Fey or and Angel :)

  70. andreea martes says:

    I would choose to be a vampire because I am in love with them for years. Since Twilight…that’s like 5 years.
    thanks for the giveaway.

  71. I would want to be a witch. I’d love to perform magic :)

  72. Cayce says:

    A poweful and sexy half-demon :P

    Thank you for the giveaway! Happy Leap Year!

  73. Cean says:

    I’d love to be a vampire :D
    A very strong and sexy one!

  74. Elizabeth (BookAttict) says:

    I’d want to be a Seelie Court Fae!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  75. Lexie@BookBug says:

    I would be a vampire so I could be young and beautiful forever!

  76. Definitely a vampire so I could stay up all night reading and no one would think twice about it. Plus I’d have all the time in the world to read everything on my wishlist.

  77. I would like to be an angel because I would want to fly and angels are very interesting and beautiful creatures. :)

  78. I think I’d like to be a vampire or faerie. :D
    -Heather M./BookStacksOnDeck

  79. Well I would love to be a shifter(like the succubus in Richelle Mead’s books).. but then again I love vampires so it’s a tie! :D

  80. I’ve always thought I’d like to be fae because there are so many types that you could pretty much make your own paranormal being! I think I’d rather be dark court, though ~ they seem to have more fun ;)

  81. Diana says:

    If I had to choose I’d probably want to be a mermaid. I love the ocean and I would be able to see/travel all over the world.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  82. mimz says:

    A vampire. Or a witch. Oh yes, definitely a witch. :D

  83. Stephanie Hirsch says:

    I’d like to be a vampire!

  84. LeDerpyReader says:

    I would love to be a shape shifter :D

  85. Kelly says:

    If I had to choose, I would be a werewolf. They mate for life and I wouldn’t mind the added strength that goes with it!!

  86. Megan says:

    I’d choose to be a faery or a shape-shifter.

  87. Filia Oktarina says:

    I would love to be an Angel. With black wing and white dress.. Ops.

  88. Shane R. says:

    I suppose I would want to be a vampire because I’m a bit of a night owl and it just seems kind of sexy.

  89. Jessie says:

    I’d say a witch. Though I’m not sure why.

  90. Jaime Lester says:

    Fairy, but not the bad kind. The cutesy, tricksy ones. Or, an Angel with big beautiful wings. Either way, as long as they are on the side of good!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. May Richard says:

    Dragon!!! Dragons are so kickass!

  92. I think I would be a vampire. Immortal and forever gorgeous and powerful. I’d have influence and a magic ring so I could still go out in the sun of course! Thanks!

  93. Stacy says:

    I would pick vampires because they’ve been my favorite for many years

  94. Carissa S says:

    A witch for sure. Then I could magic all my homework away :P Thanks for the giveaway!!

  95. I would either be Vampire, Shape shifter or Fey… No real reason I just like all of them. lol…

  96. Sherry S. says:

    I would choose shape shifter (werewolf) I think it would be amazing to change shapes.

  97. Jess Haight says:

    What an excellent giveaway. I would either want to be a vampire or a fairy. I like the romantic idea of vampires, but I can’t imagine killing anything. I would want to be a fairy because I have always found them beautiful and interesting.

    I am following you via the Linky follower area: Jessica Haight

    My blog is participating in the hop, too. Swing on by to enter for a chance to win a gift card and a book. :)

  98. I would have to be a fairy or a pixie… I would have said an angel, but they seem to always have so many rules to follow, lol!
    Thanks for the giveaway, new linky follower too :)

  99. Vampire! Without a doubt =)

  100. Kim Reid says:

    A fairy would be my choice!
    Thanks :)

  101. Juana Esparza says:

    I would like to be a vampire because they get to experience life (arts, technology etc…).

  102. teressa oliver says:

    Does mermaid count? I was in the Navy and just love the folklore

  103. Kel Pfeiffer says:

    I’d have to go with an Angel, the abilities they have & the perfect being they are would just be awesome!
    Thanks for the international giveaway!
    Kel xx

  104. Lilian says:

    definitely a pheonix, or anything that can breathe fire and fly basically.

  105. I would want to be some form of shifter or were because they are strong, and always seem to be able take care of themselves.

  106. Ashley H says:

    Angel because they are wicked cool!

  107. I’d love to be a shapeshifter, being able to change into anything I choose would be awesome!

  108. LisaILJ says:

    A witch, but a good witch of course..

  109. I would be a witch.
    Linky follower as Nyles

  110. amel armeliana says:

    I want to be a vampire. Definitely :)

    Thank u for this awesome giveaway and making it international.

  111. Caitlin says:

    Hmm, I think I’d be a shapeshifter, it seems like it would be interesting/fun. It would be cool to have enhanced senses, like smell :)

    (Also, I really love the sparkles that follow my mouse on your page :) )

  112. Vendea says:

    I want to be angel :)

  113. Ileana A. says:

    I would like to be a vampire!! I like them!

  114. Jolene A says:

    I would love to be a sexy vamp

  115. I would want to be witch so that I could use magic. Or maybe a vampire so I would be super strong.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  116. bn100 says:

    A witch because they can cast spells.

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