Interviews & Giveaways: Firelight by kristen Callihan Results

1. Christen
2. Angie

I was originally planning on only giving away one copy of Firelight but since today is my one month Bloggerversary I’ve decided to spread the love and pick two winners!!;) Thank you for each and every one of you that entered into my first Giveaway, you’re support means the world to me and I’m ever grateful for it. I will be partaking in a HOP starting Wednesday Feb 1st through the 5th so please come and try your luck again! ;)

Okay so…Since my question was silly and the answers were even more exciting than the question,¬† I’ve been asked to share them. I’ll post my original question down bellow and I’ve decided to number the post in case some of you would rather remain nameless. However, if you see your answer by the number posted and you would like to claim your shameless but oh so delightful ploys to steal the man of your fantasies¬† away from some of your favorite protagonist, by all means comment your number….;) I know I saw my favorites come up many times…


If you were asked out on a fantasy date with a FICTIONAL character from a book who would it be???

1. Bones

2. Emmett

3. Wicked Truth from Laurel K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series— TWIN Vampires!! Yum!

4. Dorian from Richelle Mead’s Dark Swan Series.

5. Bones

6. I’d like to have a date with William, Lord Ellesmere from the Outlanders series by Diana Gabaldon

7. Blimey!! It is such a difficult question. This list would be enormous. Well of course it would be Barrons from the Fever series and Curran from Kate Daniels, and Archer too. This list would go on.

8. Han Solo

9. You know me well enough to know that there’s no possible way I could narrow this down to one instead I will pick 3. Don’t you like how I follow directions? I’m going to go with Bones for my Friday date, Eric Northman for my Saturday date and then I think I’ll take a midweek date with Damon (and then call into work the next day).

10. Booonnneesssss! But you knew that already :)

11. Curran from Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews.

12. Wyatt from the Evy Stone series by Kelly Meding, just be sure to watch out for Evy.

13. Jamie Fraser (Outlander)

14. Daniel Kane from The Heat, Heather Killough-Walden!

15. Barrons. Duh.

16. mmmm *Sighs* It would have to be Eric Northman. :D Because he is tall, he’s blonde, and in True blood it’s Askars playing him. And he has this really soft side as well as being totally bad-ass and not crying about those pesky humans. Strong in politics, and still somehow very loyal to his friends. Yes, Eric *sighs*

17. Lothaire all the way hon. :D [He isn't part of my name for nothing you know?]

18. Bones!!!! or Barrons? Or Terrible? Tough one :)


WOW!! Those were such fun answers. Most of you, I could guess it was you just by your responses and attitude….;) I’m glad I’m not shallow like that I mean I pick my men based on their inner beauty…..Errrrr Yeah, even I don’t believe that! ;)

Okay so MY answer would have to be Bones, Terrible, and Barrons…..after that the list is miles long. hehe.¬†

Congratulations Christen and Angie!!!!!! I hope you enjoy the most crush worthy Lord Archer and his feisty leading lady Miranda as much as I did!!! ;)

Miss Vain

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8 Responses to Interviews & Giveaways: Firelight by kristen Callihan Results

  1. Linda says:

    Congrats to Christen and Angie! Lucky girls you are :) And our answers were quite delightful if I may say so myself *grin*

    Thanks again for the fun contest, Miss Vain! *hugs*

    • MissVain says:

      I loved all the answers as well Linda!;) Hey I’m having another giveaway that I will,post tonight at 12am PST. You should come back and enter, I’m going to make it so you can enter many times. It’s part of the My Book Boyfriend Hop.

      This was fun! Come try again Linda!:)

  2. Alexa says:

    Oh darn, I didn’t win…
    I guess I shall have to go purchase this one. After all of your hype I’m really excited about it.

    It was great seeing everyone’s answers lol

    • MissVain says:

      I’m sorry you didn’t win Alexa. :( However I am participating in the My Book Boyfriend Hop tonight, and several other coming up soon…so you never know! ;) Please enter again. ;)

      I thought all the answers were fun as well. ;)

  3. Awesome answers! Loved seeing Wicked Truth up there. They never get enough love.

    • MissVain says:

      Hello…it’s looks like you and I suffer from the same ailment….:(

      Love the newest monocur “Cat has Terrible Fever” love it!!! :)

      I thought of you when I read that above, because I knew you would be familiar with Wicked Truth even if I unfortunately am not. Do you have your hop stuff ready yet??


      • Yes, I’m going with The Shadow Reader and Firelight (even though the bookmarks and stuff haven’t arrived). I’ll figure out something to do with them when they do get here. But if the winner has read one of the books, then I’m allowing substitutions. That way anyone can enter. I’m thinking about putting it up a little early because I’m really tired and want to go ahead and get it done.

        • MissVain says:

          Those are great choices! Both of them have yummy men in them. :) I know my stuff hasn’t come yet either. I figure down the road we can use them for future hops!
          That’s a great idea for substitutions, do you post that on your hop? I wonder if I should do that as well in case peeps have read it??
          I would just post it early because it’s later where you are anyways. I’m almost done with mine now. Like I said LOL everything takes me longer LOL.

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